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Discover the features of Caravelle T69 & T69 SE


Discover the features of Thaiyarnyon Caravelle T69 & T69 SE


The Glass Partition made from Automotive Safety Glass is designed to provide the ultimate care and privacy for our customers and can be controlled through the Thaiyarnyon Application. Safety Sensors in the Glass Partition will stop the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ movement if an obstacle is detected in it’s path. The Glass Partition is fully sound proof and provides the utmost privacy for our customers.

VIP Seat

• Electronically Controlled VIP Seats in the Passenger Compartment allow for easy adjustability (up, down, forwards, backwards) according to your needs

• Adjustable Arm and Head Rests make every journey a comfortable and enjoyable one


• The Bench Seats can be easily adjusted by buttons on the Arm Rest. They can also be folded flat to provide even more storage space.


Thaiyarnyon Entertainment System

With the Thaiyarnyon Application, your driving journey is made more enjoyable with various types of Multimedia from TV to Radio to Streaming Media. The Surround Sound can also be adjusted via Equalizer to accompany personal preferences.

Smart Floor

• The Smart Floor makes moving the VIP and Bench seats back and forth a near effortless task

• The Smart Floor of the ‘T69 SE’ has additional patterns that can be chosen.

Driver Compartment

The Driver Compartment is fully equipped with various functions to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. The front Console has a ‘2 DIN Touchscreen LED Monitor’ complete with Smartphone connectivity, Climatronic Controls, Storage Space, USB Ports, and Cup Holders.